Garden Tree Availible Now!

Garden Tree is our latest game and is now availible on PC, Browser, and Mobile.

Garden Tree is a quick paced reflex game where you collect produce and avoid catching bugs that want to eat your haul.

Garden Tree has 3 modes including Percent Get, Catch 100, and Endless Mode.

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Garden Tree - Percent Get

In Percent Get, there is a preset number of produce that will fall. You will be graded on how many you have caught by the time they all drop. Aim for 100% in all 3 difficulty modes!

Garden Tree - Catch 100

In Catch 100, you want to catch 100 produce. The game will become progressively harder the more produce you collect. Avoid those bugs and collect your way to victory!

Garden Tree - Endless Mode

In Endless mode, you'll aim to get as much produce as possible before you run out of lives. In this mode, you will be scored on the most produce you were able to collect during the entirety of that run. If you catch a bug, you will not only lose half your remaining produce, but also a stock, or life; Lose all 3 and you will see how well you scored. Aim for a higher and higher score!

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Mini-Match is a game based on prediction and strategy. Pick your champion and your opponent and have your epic Mini Match!

You have to deiced which quadrant you want to go on the offensive, store up power, play defensively.

Each champion has the same basic game play, but their spells are what make them unique in their game play. Some spells can be used for attacking the enemy, some for healing lost health, some for buffing yourself, and for inflicting status ailments.


Often mistaken for someone else, Lincon is a swordsman searching for his own identity. Armed with his trusty sword and shield he's ready to take on anyone in a Mini-Match!


Orc is a blue barabarian seeking to make a name for himself; Literally, he was never given one. He'll use his magic and might to strike down his opponents in a Mini-Match!

Masked Hunter

The Masked Hunter is a skilled warrior and hunter. With their spear and magic mask, they always catch their prey.


Slime was tired of video game slimes being type cast as lower tier normal enemies. He's ready to prove himself a hero that can stand with the best in the Mini-Match Arena!

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Jumping Jacksons

Jumping Jacksons is a side-scrolling platforming game that simulates the feel of many classic games. Explore diverse regions and levels and collect treasures to unlock secrets. Experience new enemies and remember how they function, it may come in handy in ways that you may not expect.

The objective to Jumping Jacksons is to clear a stage, usually by traveling from the left side of the stage to the right.

There are a variety of enemies that work in different ways. Among those enemies are there are different colored species that will act in a slightly different manner than others of their species. Make mental notes of how each enemy works and how you can use that knowledge to overcome them and progress.

There is a collectible coin in each stage. These coins will be harder to obtain than normal coins and may take some time to find and/or a show of skill to obtain them. Find all the collectible coins may unlock something nice for the player.

Each world has new terrain, enemies, mechanics and challenges.

If you're ready to dive into the world of Jumping Jacksons down load the demo today!

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